Ecologic Mart launches “The Most Complete Book Light for Reading in Bed”

February 06 18:31 2018
Innovative company, Ecologic Mart, develops the most complete reading lamp, the Eye Care Warm Book Light with battery status indicators and replaceable battery

The Eye Care Warm Book Light is a unique and innovative reading light manufactured by Ecologic Mart, an innovative company making home solution appliances. The Eye Care Warm Book Light has been described as “the most complete book light for reading in bed” due to its fantastic features that stand it out from other reading lamps on the market.

Reading is one of the best ways of educating oneself and research has shown that a whole lot of people love to read in bed. However, reading in bed can be sometimes difficult especially in shared rooms or beds, especially as the light might be disturbing the other party. This has led to the development of reading lamps that can be easily attached to the book and used by the reader alone. The relatively low capacity of the batteries of most of the available book lights has however hindered the convenient use of these lamps.

Ecologic Mart has therefore developed the Eye Care Warm Book Light that comes with unique features that include 6 Brightness Levels, Fast Dual Charger, 78in Micro USB Cable and Travel Bag. The major feature that stands the lamp out from the competition is the eco-friendly rechargeable and replaceable battery.

Designed for persons that love to read, the lamp is specifically designed to be portable and fit into virtually any suitcase. The device also comes with indicators of battery status and an alarm to notify the user of low battery. The lamp is also the only reading light with 2 meters long cable, perfectly covering the reading area in books, magazines, sheets of music and big pages.

The lamp currently sold for $20.99 can also be used as a flashlight and comes with a replaceable battery, allowing users to enjoy it for many especially with the battery lasting for approximately 3 years.

Currently sold for $20.99 on Amazon, Ecology Mart has announced that there will be a lighting deal for the day Feb 11, 2018, from 4:30 PM PST to 10:30 PM PST, offering the lamp at a huge discount that brings the price to just $14.25.

About Ecologic Mart

Ecologic Mart is a family business focused on producing safe and efficient reading solutions that allow readers enjoy their content without disturbing others. This passion led to the development of its reading light that comes with several unique features and benefits.

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