Super Game Chain to Launch Its SGCC Token in Exchanges on February 8th

February 06 15:41 2018
Super Game Chain (also known as “SGChain” or “SGC”) is dedicated to becoming the “Ethereum for Gaming” service, to provide fast, reliable, and scalable solutions for the interactive entertainment ecosystem.

Today SGC Chain Ltd., a Cayman island company, officially announced that they will list their crypto token (Symbol: SGCC) on exchanges soon after the conclusion of their pre-sale event.

About Super Game Chain

International team:

Founded by experts from gaming and social network industry, Super Game Chain is a Silicon Valley-based company that consists a full spectrum of veterans and experts across gaming, AI, and distributed data storage backgrounds.

Representing these key backgrounds, the team hails from such prestigious organizations as  Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, Oracle, Samsung, Tencent, Gameloft, Disney, SEGA among many other organizations. 

Advanced technology

The Super Game Chain (SGC) is committed to subvert the traditional game ecosystem with the most advanced blockchain technology, to better serve the game developers, players, net partners, investors and other game industry partners.

The public chain algorithm model of SGC reaches a blazing-fast 4000tps, and the confirmation time of 140 nodes is less than 1 minute, faster than the current fastest chain. In games, speed is everything.  

SGC will take a more unique approach to decentralization in the blockchain system, where a project with the most votes can get the support from the community. SGC will choose the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism, similar to Bitshares, which removes the unnecessary steps of block signing. Specifically, every participant has the right to decide whether the game could be online or not. In SGC, all nodes will recommend the most prestigious “witnesses”, who will vote again for whether the game is online.

Huge market potential

According to recent data from Newzoo, there are 31% of world’s population play video games actively globally. The love of games and the attraction of the benefit brought by blockchain is likely to drive at least 10% of these to be converted to SGCC holders, compared to bitcoin population, which is estimated at 0.3%.  The love of games and the attraction of the benefit brought by blockchain is likely to drive at least 10% of these to be converted to SGCC holders.

The SGCOpen Platform is an integral part of the platform, and will provide access to  the following features for game developers to implement:  game login and authentication, decentralized user data encryption and storage, layered access for user data, user avatar, name, level, tags, friend list, game interests, achievements,SGC wallet, payment and trade system, content streams and interactions, social interactions, gifting, notification, chat and groups. 

SGCC is based on a distributed, smart-contract approach to building a platform for gamers and game developers. The data on the blockchain requires network consensus and cannot be tampered with. As a public chain, any 3rd party developer can publish their game on the SGC, and accept the approval mechanism of the SGC Developer Alliance, a group which is based on the consensus mechanism, to ensure the healthy development and promotion of the entire game ecosystem, both within the developer ecosystem and on the player side.

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Media Contact
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Contact Person: Paul Philleo
Email: [email protected]
Country: Cayman Islands